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Have you ever seen a style of garden you loved, but never knew how to get it? We can help you bring that dream into reality. Whether you know what plants you need or not, we can help you. Click here to speak to one of our experts. They will help you create your garden.


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Grevillea juniperina 'Molonglo

This juniper-leaf grevillea drips with showy golden apricot blooms like honey pouring over walls, containers, or embankments. 'Molongolo' is a fast growing, cold hardy, drought tolerant, dense, evergreen groundcover that can spread 6-15 feet wide. Can be cut back for compact growth in restrained places however, pruning after July will interrupt the formation of winter flowers. The deep green needle-like leaves resemble juniper. Attractive to nectar loving birds, bees, and butterflies. 

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How to Give Meaning With Color.

How to Give Meaning With Color.

Color is one of the most important factor when creating a design. It influences the way a viewer perceives what he or she is looking at. A multitude of studies have been conducted to show how important color is and the physiological effects it has on the human body. A...

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Bird Friendly Gardens

Bird Friendly Gardens

Beauty, color and song are just a few benefits of birdscaping. Creating a sheltered haven for birds offers a unique opportunity to observe flittering wildlife in a lovely natural sanctuary. Birds are also a boon to pest control as they dine heartily on insect pests. The secret to a bird-friendly...

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Hedges & Screenings

Hedges & Screenings

Are you looking for some creative ideas for your garden, but feel like you're staring at a blank wall? Transform that blank wall with exceptional hedges that help you take a break from the world, the wind, and the sun. Whether you want to achieve a bit more privacy, add...

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